August 2018
From the Desk of Group Editor in Chief
Dr KK Aggarwal
“Courts cannot wait for a "majoritarian government" to decide on enacting, amending or striking down a law if it violates fundamental rights”, state the Supreme Court of India while reserving the verdict on the petitions challenging the validity of S.... READ MORE

American Family Physician
linda m. speer, saudia mushkBar, tara erBele
Chronic pelvic pain in women is defined as persistent, non-cyclic pain perceived to be in structures related to the pelvis and lasting more than six months. Often no specific etiology can be identified, and it can be conceptualized as a chronic regi.... READ MORE

American Family Physician
Providing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) effectively is dependent on a variety of factors, including immediate action taken by the rescuer and performance of high-quality maneuvers. The American Heart Association (AHA) has updated its 2010 guide.... READ MORE

American Family Physician
A 60-year-old woman presented with enlarging ulcers on her ankle and foot. Despite treatment, the ulcers worsened and became more painful, and she noted a new ulcer on her left shin. The problem started as a small ulcerated lesion on the lateral dors.... READ MORE

Sunthari Rajkumar, Vijayakumar N, Nanjilkumaran A, Umarani R
Introduced as pieces of wires in the early 18th century, the electrocardiograph (ECG) machine has become an important clinical bedside tool. This easily available, user friendly, noninvasive, inexpensive investigation has spread its wings not only .... READ MORE

Sandeep Nathanael David, Suresh Samuel David
Pulmonary embolism (PE) is one of the leading causes of undiagnosed deaths in patients worldwide due to its unpredictable clinical course and mimicry of various other diseases. The often over-used simplified Well’s score and D-dimer test must be ut.... READ MORE

Mayank Jain, M Srinivas, Jayanthi Venkataraman
Background: There is scarce data from India on symptom correlation in patients undergoing ambulatory 24-hour pH monitoring. Aim: Retrospective analysis of symptom correlation in patients undergoing ambulatory 24-hour pH study at our center. Material .... READ MORE

Sanjeet Kumar Singh, Kalpana Chandra, Umakant Prasad, Mona Lisa, Anita Kumari
Aspergilloma is a saprophytic infection that colonizes pre-existing cavities in the lung. These cavities are caused by tuberculosis, bronchiectasis, lung cancer and other pulmonary diseases. Development of aspergilloma in the residual cavities after .... READ MORE

Rajendra Singh Jain, Jaydeep Kumar Sharma
Introduction: Cervical angina is one of the commonly unnoticed causes of chest pain with frequent presentation in cardiology outpatient department (OPD). Objectives: This is a retrospective study with the objective to analyze the symptoms and study t.... READ MORE

T Shubhamangala, Ramalingappa C Antaratani
Objective: The aim of the study was to determine whether isosorbide mononitrate (ISMN) 60 mg administered vaginally is effective for preinduction cervical ripening on an outpatient basis. Material and methods: The study was carried out at Karnataka I.... READ MORE

Amol Tilve, Roque Ribeiro
Succenturiate lobe of placenta is a morphological abnormality, in which there are one or multiple accessory lobes connected to the main part of the placenta by blood vessels. It has been known to be located on the lower segment and then present eith.... READ MORE

Raju Shah, Suhas Prabhu
Influenza, a contagious respiratory infection, is caused by influenza virus A, B and C in humans. Chills, fever, headache, myalgia, fatigue and respiratory discomfort are the most commonly observed symptoms, whereas progression of illness may result.... READ MORE

Expert's View
Jayakar Thomas
It will not be wrong to mention that modern cosmetic and skin care products are mostly safe today and the chances of adverse reactions to them are very rare in spite of the fact that a large number of people are using these products over a lifetime. .... READ MORE

WHEREAS, concerns about usage and disposal of plastic are diverse and include accumulation of waste in landfills, water bodies and in natural habitats, physical problems for wild animals resulting from ingestion or entanglement in plastic, the leachi.... READ MORE

Successful wiring of a side branch or bifurcation is a significant step in some complex percutaneous coronary interventions (PCIs). Some anatomical subsets can be particularly challenging. Branch vessels arising at a retroflexed steep angle from the .... READ MORE

most black adults have High blood Pressure before age 55 Approximately 75% of black men and women are likely to develop high blood pressure (BP) by the age of 55, compared to 55% of white men and 40% of white women in the same age range, according.... READ MORE

Spiritual Update
Dr KK Aggarwal
The best description of the causes and treatment of insomnia comes from Vidura Niti a dialogue between Vidura and Dhritarashtra..... READ MORE

Inspirational Story
Wonder if any of you ever had the feeling that life is bad, real bad…and you wish you were in another situation. Do you find that life seems to make things difficult for you, work sucks, life sucks and everything seems to go wrong?.... READ MORE

Lighter reading
First Day at school A school teacher injured his back and had to wear a plaster cast around the upper part of his body. It fit under his shirt and was not noticeable at all. On the first day of the term, still with the cast under his shirt, he found.... READ MORE

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