Published in IJCP June 2018
Periodontal Disease and Pregnancy Outcome
June 04, 2018 | Sneha Mayuri, Swati Sharan, Abhishek Verma, Anindita Banerjee, Manju Geeta Mishra

Periodontal disease is one of the most common chronic disorders of infectious origin known in humans. Infection and/or inflammation in the reproductive tract and at sites remote from the fetoplacental unit continue to be investigated as potential causative factors for adverse pregnancy outcomes. This study was conducted to examine the relationship between periodontal disease in early pregnancy and the risk of preterm birth and pre-eclampsia. A prospective study of obstetrical outcome of 262 women, examined for periodontal disease at 15-24 weeks gestation was carried out. In our study, 60.7% patients suffering from periodontal disease had preterm deliveries as compared to 20% preterm deliveries in those not having periodontal disease. Incidence of pre-eclampsia was found to be 53.57% in patients with periodontal disease as compared to 13.33% in those without periodontal disease. Thus, we conclude that there is a definite relationship between periodontal diseases and adverse pregnancy outcome.