Published in IJCP June 2018
Uterine Didelphys with Pregnancy and Obstructed Labor: Intrapartum Course Complicated by a Rare Uterine Anomaly
June 04, 2018 | Shashidhar B, Hemalatha M Shetti

Mullerian duct anomalies (MDAs) are congenital anatomic abnormalities of the female genital tract that arise from nondevelopment or non-fusion of the mullerian ducts or failed resorption of the uterine septum, with a reported incidence of 0.1- 10.0%. MDAs are clinically important because they are associated with an increased incidence of impaired fertility, menstrual disorders and obstetric complications. We hereby report a case of a primigravida with full-term pregnancy with obstructed labor referred from a primary health center. During the course of examination, she was found to have congenital abnormality of uterus and vagina. She underwent an emergency cesarean section with good perinatal outcome. Women with uterus didelphys belong to a high-risk group, although pregnancy outcome is comparatively good.