Published in IJCP August 2018
Piggyback Aspergillosis: Pulmonary Hydatid Cyst with Aspergillus Co-infection
August 04, 2018 | Sanjeet Kumar Singh, Kalpana Chandra, Umakant Prasad, Mona Lisa, Anita Kumari

Aspergilloma is a saprophytic infection that colonizes pre-existing cavities in the lung. These cavities are caused by tuberculosis, bronchiectasis, lung cancer and other pulmonary diseases. Development of aspergilloma in the residual cavities after pulmonary hydatid cyst surgery is rarely described in terms of co-existence of the two conditions. Here we report co-infection of pulmonary hydatid cyst and aspergilloma in a 43-year-old male who had history of minor thalassemia and suffered from chest pain, dyspnea, non-productive cough for at least 5 months and hemoptysis for 20 days.