Published in IJCP January 2019
Validation of Postnatal Care Health Data Reported Under Health Management Information System by the Primary Health Centers of Rural Vadodara, Gujarat
January 14, 2019 | Sangita V Patel, Harsh Bakshi, Dhara Zalavadiya, Prakash Kotecha

Background: Postnatal care (PNC) is a part of maternal and child health (MCH) and important for the good health of both mother and child. Therefore, the present study was conducted with the aim to study the PNC data reported by primary health center/ subcenter (PHC/SC) and validate them at the village level and assess quality of care given. Material and methods: A sample of 20 PHCs, 13 rural and seven tribal, was selected using stratified random sampling. For every PHC, 2 SCs and for every SC, one village were selected. Data on PNC were collected from the PHC/SC records and validated by interviewing five beneficiaries from the village. Results: The district availability of PNC was 31.8%, while the overall accessibility was 52.2%. Adjusted utilization for the district was 74.7% for SBA and 14.7% for TBA. Effective coverage, adjusted for quality of care, for the district was 25.2%. Conclusions: The gap between the reported and validated data ranged from 15% to 51% of the reported.