Published in IJCP March 2020
HCFI Activity
Report Of Environmental Health Division Of Hcfi (January-February 2020)
March 26, 2020 | KK Aggarwal

The Environmental Health Division of Heart Care Foundation of India (HCFI) has taken up a series of environmental activities for protection and improvement of environment including monitoring and control of air, water, noise and land pollution. Strategy for such activities includes environment education/training/awareness programs/workshops as well as action oriented activities with various stakeholders like schools, colleges, community, etc.

The activities include:

  • Development of low-cost solutions for air pollution monitoring and control.
  • Solution for noise monitoring and control in different use zones.
  • Awareness workshops with Schools and Colleges on various environmental and pollution control issues.
  • Awareness and action w.r.t. Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and Climate Change issues.

On these lines, an awareness workshop on Health & Environment Awareness was conducted on 28 January, 2020 at Constitution Club of India wherein 22 colleges of Delhi University participated. There were lectures, demonstration and discussion on air and noise pollution issues.

Environmental Health Division of HCFI has taken up a project on Healthy Environment School Index with funding support from Envirotech Instruments Pvt. Ltd. The aim of this project is to establish/develop a healthy Environment School Index for schools. This pilot project is being done in 10 selected schools by using various environmental indicators like air quality in terms of AQI, noise levels, status of sanitation, cleanliness, waste management, plantation, etc.

Environmental Health Division has also focused on plantation activities. In this regard, a park opposite the head quarter of HCFI at Asiad Village has been adopted wherein medicinal plants, kitchen plants and anti-pollution plants are being planted. This park is being developed as model park for awareness on values/uses of plants for masses. Plant saplings are also distributed to participants in various programs of HCFI.

Further, Environmental Health Division of HCFI has also envisaged to collaborate with various Government Departments/Agencies and Institutions to take up research and development projects and activities in the area of environment and pollution control.