October 2018
From the Desk of Group Editor in Chief
Dr KK Aggarwal
“My Heart, Your Heart” … this is the theme for the World Heart Day this year, which happens to be today. This means to not only look after our own hearts but also of our loved ones. It’s important to lead a healthy lifestyle, not only as individuals,.... READ MORE

American Family Physician
Natalia Soto-Gomez, Jay I. Peters, Anoop M. Nambiar
Sarcoidosis is a systemic disease of unknown etiology characterized by the presence of noncaseating granulomas in any organ, most commonly the lungs and intrathoracic lymph nodes. A diagnosis of sarcoidosis should be suspected in any young or middl.... READ MORE

American Family Physician
cdc updates interim guidance on caring for Women With possible Exposure to Zika Virus The current Zika virus outbreak was identified in Brazil in May 2015, and knowledge about the virus, its transmission, and its potential adverse effects on pregn.... READ MORE

American Family Physician
annular scaly plaques A 57-year-old woman presented with a largely asymptomatic rash on her feet that began six months earlier. She had infrequent mild pruritus but no other symptoms related to the rash. She had no systemic symptoms such as fever, c.... READ MORE

Vijay K Yadav, Shyam Sunder Keshari, Krishna Pandey
Aims and objectives: To evaluate the prescribing pattern of antihypertensive drugs in a tertiary care teaching hospital in Lucknow region. Material and methods: A cross-sectional study was carried out at Outpatient Department in a tertiary care tea.... READ MORE

Community medicine
Pradip Kumar Das
Malnutrition in India has been cited as “The silent emergency” because the proportion of under nutrition among children and women in India figures at the topmost position in the world as depicted by increased incidence of anemia and wasting in addi.... READ MORE

Garima Bhutani, Sanjay Kalra
Objectives: The aim of this bibliographic review is to assess whether standard pharmacology, endocrinology and diabetology textbooks adequately mention the details regarding timings of administration, frequency and dose of various oral and injectab.... READ MORE

Subramaniam Vinayak Easweran, Raghvendra Udupa, Mamta Hegde
Pleomorphic adenoma is the most frequent benign tumor of the salivary gland. It is a slow-growing tumor and is characterized by varying amount of myxochondroid stroma, produced by the myoepithelial cells. About 90% of benign neoplasm of major saliv.... READ MORE

Nagaraja BS, Madhumathi R, Sanjeet SB
Background/Aims: The severity of liver dysfunction in chronic liver disease (CLD) is often estimated with Child-Pugh (CTP) classification or model for end-stage liver disease (MELD) score. The albumin-to-bilirubin (ALBI) score is a new model for as.... READ MORE

Manish N Mehta, Pranav I Patel, Hemang K Acharya, Ac Tanna, Jemima Bhaskar
Drinking alcohol is a serious social and health problem in our country and throughout the world. It causes varied diseases in different organs of the body, which many do not care to know about. Marchiafava-Bignami disease is one such rare but serio.... READ MORE

Shashi Chopra, Shaveta Dhiman, Gomty Mahajan, Silky Mahajan
Background: Nocardiosis is an opportunistic infection and most commonly presents as pulmonary disease. Unless investigations like Gram’s stain and modified acid-fast stain are specially done, pulmonary infection may be mistaken for tuberculosis. The.... READ MORE

Ajay C Tanna, Pranav I Patel
Noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) are the leading causes of premature death and morbidity. Chronic kidney disease is a major factor linked with poor health outcomes of major NCDs. A study was recently carried out at Guru Govind Singh Hospital, Jamnag.... READ MORE

Nandita P Palshetkar, Hrishikesh D Pai, Manisha Takhtani, Rutvij Dalal
Objective: To evaluate the success rate after oocyte donation and the obstetric and neonatal outcome in these pregnancies. Design: Prospective study. Setting: Babies and US, Infertility, IVF and ICSI Center, Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai. Study group: .... READ MORE

Shayista Nabi, Raka Guleria
Objective: The aim of the study was to compare the effects of 16-week treatment with two insulin-lowering therapies on the clinical, endocrine-metabolic and ovulatory parameters in women affected by polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). Material and .... READ MORE

Monica Kumbhat M, Leena Dennis Joseph, Archana B, Arulappan
Malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor (MPNST) is a rare variety of soft tissue sarcoma of ectomesenchymal origin. These tumors present diagnostic difficulties in differentiating from other high-grade spindle sarcomas. This is a case of a 45-year-o.... READ MORE

Braja Kishore Behera, Rishav Raj, Sailabala Shaw, Mitali Mahapatra
Partial trisomy 3p results from either unbalanced translocation or de novo duplication. Common clinical features consist of dysmorphic facial features, congenital heart defects, psychomotor and mental retardation, abnormal muscle tone and hypoplast.... READ MORE

Expert's View
OP Yadava
Since 1970s, usage of b-blockers in treatment of patients with heart failure was recommended by several investigators but the fact that if reduces myocardial contractility, precluded their use. The past decade has shown significant improvement in the.... READ MORE

KK Aggarwal, Ira Gupta
can a patient dictate as What all a doctor should WRITE INSTEAD OF FOLLOWINg THE PROTOCOL? No, the patient cannot dictate any doctor as to what write and doctors have to follow their protocol. As per the provisions of Clause 7.7 of the Indian Medi.... READ MORE

Medtalk with Dr KK Aggarwal
Free medicines and diagnostic tests will soon be available to patients with dementia as part of an action plan being worked out by the Centre (Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare, JP Nadda)..... READ MORE

legal issues in adolescents Dr Himabindu Singh, Hyderabad  The rate of crime amongst youth has increased to 40% and almost 56% of the crimes are done by youngsters in the age group 16-25 years..... READ MORE

Health Ministry Bans 328 FDCs with Immediate Effect The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has prohibited the manufacture for sale, sale or distribution for human use of 328 Fixed Dose Combinations (FDCs) with immediate effect. It has also restri.... READ MORE

Spiritual Update
KK Aggarwal
The mental state of a person in Vedic language is described in terms of gunas. The present state of mind of any person is a result of mixing of three gunas of nature called tamas, rajas and satoguna. In terms of states of mind they are called tamas, .... READ MORE

Inspirational Story
Maturity is many things. It is the ability to base a judgment on the big picture, the long haul. It means being able to resist the urge for immediate gratification and opt for the course of action that will pay off later..... READ MORE

Lighter reading
signing checks Mr. Schwartz was the oldest of seven children, so he had to quit school and work to help support his younger brothers and sisters. He never learned to read, so when he married and started a checking account, he signed his checks simp.... READ MORE

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