April 2023
Veena Aggarwal
Psychiatry Public health

Medicine is quite a demanding and stressful profession. It requires tremendous devotion and sacrifice. Doctors are l.... READ MORE

Guest Editorial
Awadhesh Kumar Singh
Diabetes & Endocrinology


“Diabesity”, which combines type 2 diabet.... READ MORE

Review Article
Sanjay Kalra, Abdul Hamid Zargar, AG Unnikrishnan, Arundhati Dasgupta, Rakesh Sahay, Shehla Sajid Shaikh, Nitin Kapoor, Sambit Das
Diabetes & Endocrinology


India is a heliophobic country; despite ample sunshine, almost 490 million people are vitamin D deficient in the country. Additionally, the Indian diet has.... READ MORE

Clinical Study
Naresh Samudrala


An open-label prospective noncomparative study was conducted to examine the efficacy and safety of Beliv tablet, a polyherbal Ayurvedic medicine, in 30 adult patients suffering from liver disorders. Two tablets we.... READ MORE

Case Report
Utsav Sahu
Multispecialty Public health


The milk-alkali syndrome (MAS) is characterized by a triad of elevated calcium levels, metabolic alkalosis and acute kidney injury that commonly occurs due.... READ MORE

Brief Communication
Traditional Indian Ocean Diet Working Group


Dietary advice forms the cornerstone in the management of cardiometabolic disease. Though various national and international guidelines suggest different m.... READ MORE

Letter to Editor
Sarthak Bagga
Public health

Health care logistics is a critical component of any health care system, ensuring the timely and efficient delivery of medical supplies and life-saving medications to those in need.1 In Myanmar, a Southeast .... READ MORE


The registered medical practitioner is entitled to supply the drugs to his patients which have been prescribed by him but the same are with certain conditions of exemptions as mentioned in Item No. 5 of the Schedule K .... READ MORE

Medical Voice for Policy Change

Round Table Environment Expert Zoom Meeting on “E-waste (Management) Rules, 2022 – Implementation Effective from 1st April, 2023”

March 19, 2023 (Sunday, 12 noon-1 pm)

Conference Proceedings

Nonsteroidal MRAs: A New Hope for Improved Cardiorenal Outcomes in Patients with CKD and T2D

Dr Shashank Joshi, Mumbai

  • Chronic kidney disease (CKD) progression in type 2 diabetes (T2D) is driven by the combi.... READ MORE

Around The Globe

Predictors of Chronic Diseases in Pregnant Women

The association of hypertensive disorders of pregnancy with risk of future cardiovascular disease (CVD) is well-est.... READ MORE

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Do We Really Love?

A story is told about a soldier who was finally coming home after having fought in Vietnam. He called his parents from San Francisco.

“Mom and Dad, I’m com.... READ MORE




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