May 2022
HCFI Dr KK Aggarwal Research Fund

COVID Update

  • Cases in India are rising but hospitalizations are low. In the UK, 58% of cases were incidentally found cases. 
  • Co.... READ MORE

Guest Editorial
Sanjay Kalra, Jubbin J Jacob, Rakesh Sahay
Diabetes & Endocrinology

The adrenals are a pair of tiny glands, weighing just about 3 grams apiece. Yet these glands pack a powerful punch a.... READ MORE

Original Article
Mahesh Dave, Sahil Kharbanda, Sandeep Kansara, Manasvin Sareen, Yash Shah, Ravi Manglani, Ramgopal Saini, Nagaraj T
Diabetes & Endocrinology


Introduction: Erectile dysfunction (ED) constitutes a large burden on society given its high prevalence and impact on quality of life. Dia.... READ MORE

Review Article
Sanjay Kalra, Prabhu Kasture, Vikas Makkar
Cardiology Diabetes & Endocrinology


Losartan was the first angiotensin AT1 receptor blocker (ARB) approved by US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of hypertension. In addit.... READ MORE

Review Article
Jayam Kannan, Sunita Chandra, Kamini Rao, Prabhu Kasture
Obstetrics and Gynecology


While the role of prostaglandin as a trigger in dysmenorrhea is well known, not many are aware that inflammation and nucleotide-binding oligomerization dom.... READ MORE

Clinical Study
Abhijit Neog, Deepak Bhandari, Piyush A Patel, Parvez Hashmi, Jitendra More, Arun Mishra, Ilias Ali, Pooja S Banerjee


Paracetamol is frequently used as an analgesic and antipyretic across the world. However, there is no data on Indian patients regarding the safety and effi.... READ MORE

Case Report
Op Meena, Atul Kumar Meena, Arun Kumar Meena, Hemlata Meghwal, Rajesh Meena, Sanjeev Kumar Goyal, Masara Ram Patel
General Medicine


A perforated liver abscess mimics hollow viscus perforations. It may be accompanied by pneumoperitoneum and peritonitis. A hollow viscus perforation appear.... READ MORE



  • June 1993: Following a minor complaint of a cosmetic nature in his left eye, the appellant consulted respondent, who is an ey.... READ MORE

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